Why Politap

Project Based Learning Teaching Method
Teaching and learning methods in the POLITAP is Project Based Learning. It’s serviced the students to get any experiences in the teaching and learning process. POLITAP design effective and creative educational programs for our students. What’s interesting about POLITAP’s teaching and learning methods is that it strives to combine recognized best research in human learning with proven effective methods. It’s invited to participate in practical students becoming highly skilled and creative teaching professionals.

Experience to Exploring Ketapang’s Nature
Visited a new place become an interesting activity. In the Ketapang you can find beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls and tropical forests. In summer, Ketapang will host various festivals and art performances. It can bring you to understanding and learning a new culture.

Inexpensive tuition
POLITAP offers the opportunity for the students to get affordable tuition in Indonesia. The tuition fee in POLITAP is around $ 267. The students can choose from a wide range of courses at low cost. To support the learning process, POLITAP also offers various co-curricular activities. The facilities include an Indonesian training centre for international students.


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