Martial Clubs

Karate Club

Karate club is a unit of POLITAP’s student activities that accommodates the interests and talents of students of traditional karate sports. Karete helps to form students with moral and intellectual integrity and build a culture of critical and creative sportsmanship as a manifestation of solidarity and social sensitivity. Karate is a means of physically, mentally and spiritually educating people.

Tarung Derajad Club

Tarung Graduation club is designed to develop the students POLITAP’s interests, talents and skills in the Tarung Derajat. Tarung Derajat is a fast motion martial art of the Indonesian nation.

Pencak Silat Club

Silat Club is a student organization that aims to cultivate potential and hobbies who want to learn martial arts of Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat Club has realized students’ achievements, interests and talents in the martial arts